I am known by the alias of "strategist" on this website. I graduated in 1998 majoring in Banking and Finance. I have been trading professionally since 2011 and I mostly trade Forex because of its high liquidity and its extended market hours. I employ many strategies from short-term (daily trading, scalping) to longer-term ones as you will find out by reading my articles. I trade all types of market conditions (ranging, trending, news, with-trend, counter-trend, etc) as long as I see clear and low-risk setups. Hence the site anymarketcondition.com or AMC for short. In addition to that, I have been a professional computer programmer for 15 years and I have programmed, tested and used numerous automated trading strategies (ATS). I hope to discuss that aspect in the future.

This is an educational website for aspiring traders. I am also putting together this as an archive of my trading. This is a free service and I am not only documenting my trades for my own review and study but I am also hoping to benefit any aspiring struggling traders like myself. In other words, I am helping myself to become a better and a more disciplined trader and I am also helping others in their pursuit of a profitable trading system. And believe me, most of what's out there on the Internet is not helpful at all in my opinion. So, if you want to avoid the pitfalls of all the "gurus" and all amateur untested trading strategies, read my articles regularly. Maybe we will both benefit from this. With that said, I strongly encourage all comments to my articles.

Thank you for stopping by and good luck with your trading (ad)ventures!